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How To Select A Narrative Essay Topic

Most exams in high school and college contain narrative essay writing. These tests help tutors evaluate the knowledge level of students and the skills they possess. Excellent use of vocabulary is significant in the success of a narrative essay. Choosing a topic, just like any other essay is a crucial segment before embarking on the task of writing. Some tips are offered to help in topic selection.

Choosing a narrative essay type

A writer should be in a position to choose the type of narrative essay to write depending on the type of audience that is to be addressed. A Princeton University study reveals that a part of the brain corresponds to a story being told just like they would if the person was in the story. The same thing happens to the audience and therefore a storyteller should be able to trigger their audiences’ minds through the type of narrative essay they choose.

Is it storytelling?

In the case that the writer is required to write a narrative essay that is about storytelling, it must be from the writer’s experience. One past event that was outstanding or even life-changing to the writer. The story will have to be in the past tense as it is something that happened in the past. 

Is it a description?

Descriptive essays involve telling a story about someone or something else. The description should provide details on how emotionally the writer is affected by the matter at hand. It serves to bring out both the attitude and the picture.

Is it an investigation?

This type of essay requires deep research providing evidence, definitions, comparisons, and analysis of a certain subject. This information should then be presented to the tutor in charge of their expert opinion. This type of narrative answers the questions “Why to do….?”, “Is it recommendable to…...?” and many others that require investigation.

Is it a persuasion?

This narrative essay is more about convincing the reader about a certain matter that you agree with facts and logical reasoning. Persuasion requires evidence that is current to support the claim in the writing and why the reader should agree with the narrative writing.

Picking a topic for a narrative essay

This is a very significant part f any essay writing task. Students are used to being given the topic by their tutors and they find it a little challenging to choose their topic given the chance. It is better to have the freedom to choose as there is more to explore on and there is no limitation. Choosing topics can be hard but it is better to enhance writing practice. A student can easily change between topics if the one previously chose does not interest him/her. The best topic needs to instantly capture your reader’s attention and keep the writer interested in doing the task for as long as possible. Working with the tutor in topic selection will make work easier as they are more experienced and will provide sound advice throughout the writing process.