Don’t look at the blank page.

This is the scariest things of all and the blank page can kill all of your desire to work and do anything. Don’t let it the be the thing that stops you.

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How to Start an Essay

Writing an essay is not a walk in the park. Starting it is the main challenge. At the beginning of your work, introduce your topic clearly, and also let the public know about your idea. Let your audience understand the issue of your discussion. You can use questions and immediately answering them with an argument. If you want to hook your reader, start your essay with a quote. Make sure you give the reader reasons to continue reading your script. That should always be your motive. You have to get the attention of the reader. You have to persuade the reader that your work is worth reading. You need to provide information that helps follow your arguments.

Tips to Help You Get Started

Essays that get given in colleges are long projects. Many people find it hard, but if you divide the work into small parts and complete your draft without leaving any step, you will be confident with your work. Find an interesting topic. 

Define your project clearly so that the reader can understand. You will have to do thorough research to get the main points. Before you start writing, draft your points so that you don’t forget them.

Your introduction should be captivating to the reader, as it is vital in an essay. Brainstorming ideas can be a better solution in this case. Use a mind map of your ideas to create a thesis.  Your thesis should not occupy more than three sentences. It is the last sentence of your introduction. After you get done writing your essay, it is right to go back to the beginning and confirm it goes well with your script.

You can decide and change it to perfection. The introduction determines whether the reader will continue reading your article or not. Avoid using quotations that are known to everyone. You don’t want to look boring to your audience. It will also show that you are lazy. The quote you use should fit your piece. Do not just use a quote for the sake. Make sure you acknowledge the source of the quote.

Your opening should be simple and clear. Avoid long intros because they can make your work boring. The main body should have the same structure. Your main ideas should be the topic of the paragraph. Support your points with a few sentences. Make sure you give relevant information that will spice your essay. The more ideas you have, the more paragraphs you can write. The main body is also vital because you support your points here. If you give strong arguments, you will impress the reader.

The conclusion should not belong. There is no formula for writing it.  You have to review the main points and give a final perspective in three to five sentences. Those sentences should be straight and to the clear. Remind people of the importance of your topic and the research you have done. After writing the conclusion, check the flow of your work. Check if your ideas and points match. Correct your punctuation, phrases, and grammar. Make sure that your essay has no mistakes. Writing scripts that will give you high scores is very difficult. Once you follow the tips, you are good to go.